2nd November 2017
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by arsenalghana

Arsenal Supporters’Club, Ghana firmly believes that education is the spine of the nation. Education shapes the thoughts, attitudes and outlooks of the populace hence a wholesome and solid education begets a like nation and vice versa.

A wise person once said, ‘Destroying a nation does not require the use of atomic bombs or long range missiles. It only requires lowering the quality of education…. The collapse of education is the collapse of the nation’.

A nation, without good education is directionless and has, at best, a bleak future.

The Arsenal Supporters’ Club, Ghana is using sports as a tool to help develop deprived communities in the entire ten regions in Ghana. The club has been donating to needy and deprived communities since 2014 and this year’s donation was to the NyameNti M/A School in the Eastern Region.

The NyameNti M/A School is situate at NyameNti, a suburb of Koforidua, is a community under the Oda Municipal Assembly in the Eastern Region. It is the only public school in the community and serves the entire NyameNti populace. However, the school lacks even the basic necessities of education.

The school admits pupils from class one to Junior High and has a population of approximately 300 pupils and only 7 teaching staff. The entire school comprises of just six rooms including the staff common room and a library. Teaching is done in 3 rooms – classes 1 to 3 shares a room, 4 to 6 shares a room and JHS 1 & 2 share the 3rd room. JHS 3 students sit out in the open with a blackboard on the wall of other classrooms.

NyameNti M/A School lacks potable water, electricity, proper access routes and toilet facilities. It lacks basic school requirements like classroom space, desks and chairs, blackboards etc. The school is also in dire need of adequate and able teaching staff and even the most basic educational material like books and other stationery.Needless to say, computers and internet service are not words the pupils of NyameNti M/A School are so much as familiar with.

Most teachers posted to the school end up abandoning their post due to the poor conditions of the school and the transportation system involved -teachers have to either walk or board motorcycles (Okada) to get to school.Teachers are also expected, despite the poor conditions of service, to contribute towards maintenance of the school infrastructure.

Pupils in NyameNti M/A School have no access to quality education and, to aggravate matters, their learning environment is well below basic.

The Arsenal Supporters’ Club, Ghana raised funds through contributions from its members in the various regions. The funds were used to procure cleaning materials, bags of cement and building blocks and paint for NyameNti M/A School.

Club members present, in a bid to provide a more pleasant learning/teaching environment for pupils and teachers alike, carried out some cleaning and patchwork on school structures. The entire school was also painted by Club members with assistance from the Headmaster and the Chief of the community.

Additionally, a First Aid Box and some stationery were donated to the school to help improve the standard of education and the learning process.

The Headmaster of the school and the Chief of the town, through who the donations were made, thanked the Club for its kind gesture to the community.

Speaking at the presentation, the Arsenal Supporters’ Club chairman, Mr, Mohammed Fahd, exhorted the pupils to take their studies very seriously. “There is a saying that goes,‘show me the heroes that the youth of your country look up to, and I will tell you the future of your country’. You are the future of this country so I will encourage you all to study and become the next presidents and ministers”. Mr. Mohammed stated in his speech.

According to the Chairman, Arsenal Supporters’ Club, Ghana has only met about forty percent of the needs of the pupils of NyameNti M/A School. He ended his speech saying that the Club will aid the pupils of NyameNti M/A school to appeal to the Government,  the Ministry of Education, the GES, corporate organizations, individuals, and all stakeholders in the education sector to come together  to help renovate and build  the school into a better and conducive place for learning.

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